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this is happeningCosas que te llegan de por ahí… cuando has olvidado que compraste un libro de fotos. Este libro es una recopilación de fotografías instagramadas, al fin tiene los links y niknames de quienes las tomaron.

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  1. Melia

    You are abtlousely right Mohib Bhai. I was just making my comment on the posts. Of course, the statement has the tacit backing of Mulayam and the poor fellow is just a puppet. Mulayam is losing upper caste vote and wants Muslim vote bank intact.


    Delamarche taille une fois de plus un costume à Mario Draghi qui en deux mois a réussi à faire “plus fort” que le FED.Je ne vais pas épiloguer là dessus car chacun pourra le faire mieux que moi et Olivier l’a très bien fait.Mais il y a une blague qui circule : en Chine c’est l’année du Dragon et … en zone euro c’est l’année du Draghi !

  3. http://www./

    I have characters on Beregen Colony, Republic side. So far they are Vervain, Eselde, and Veraldis, but I’m sure more are to follow!I’ve been looking around for a good spot for my Empire characters. Looks like a lot of folk here are on Lord Adraas, so I might roll a character there! Will update with name.

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    I would remind her that ‘forgiveness’ and ‘justice’ do not go hand in hand, though most people confuse the two.You may never see ‘justice’ in this lifetime for whatever someone did or didn’t do to you or for you, but regardless, forgiveness is as necessary as breathing.Is it as easy as breathing? No way, not by a long shot. However, resentment is even a harder thing to hold on to, for holding on to anger is “like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” — Siddhartha Buddha Forgiveness is HARD, but entirely worth it.

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